Anysberg Biltong George

Anysberg Biltong George

Anysberg Biltong and Deli Shops in George

Anysberg Biltong and Deli has two shops in George. There is a shop in the Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre and one in the Garden Route Mall. The shops are open during centre trading hours. Pop in at Anysberg Biltong for the great biltong and excellent service. Biltong is a healthy snack and makes a great gift. Anysberg Biltong George

Beef Biltong in George

The Beef Biltong at the Anysberg Biltong and Deli Shops is Grade AA, hormone free and gristle free. They make their own Beef Biltong & Beef Dry Wors. The Anysberg Beef Dry Wors (droëwors) is made with “sheep tail fat” in and does not contain any bacon or alternative meets. Some of the best sellers include Plain and Chilli Beef Nuggets, Beef BBQ Wheels and Plain Beef Chips. Baby Beef Biltong (“Teething biltong”) is also available. Anysberg Biltong George

Buy Biltong in George

The Anysberg Biltong shops in George stocks a selection of quality and very tasty biltong, defiantly the best place to buy biltong in George. Game including Ostrich, Gemsbok, Springbok and Kudu Biltong as well as Dry Wors (droëwors) is available. The variety of sticks includes Chicken, Plain Beef, Chilli Beef, Chutney Beef and the popular “mother-in-law” Sticks. The Chilli, BBQ & Chutney Bacon is also a great option and very tasty. Anysberg Biltong George

Rugby Memorabilia in George

Biltong and rugby goes hand in hand. Both Anysberg Biltong and Deli shops in George stock rugby memorabilia. This includes hats, mugs, flags, face paint, coasters, baby grows, bar runners, wine bags and more. Camo Toilet Roll Holders and soccer mugs are also in stock. Anysberg Biltong George